GB7CIP Amateur Radio International Gateway.

Mail forwarding over AX25, NetRom, IP and SMTP  via HF PACTOR over
Amateur Radio Short Wave bands, VHF, UHF, amprnet wireless and internet links.

G0SYR MaintainedUK AX25 BBS Listings 
G4APL MaintainedGB7CIP Forwarding (pdf)

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QRZ callsign lookup:


Extracted from the GB7CIP FBB Server file system.
or those that want to start, learn, experiment about AMPRNet, Internet networking and TCP/IP services.

What is the  AMPRNet? I hear you cry!

Linked documents are in Adobe PDF format.  Click to download and read. Documents not linked here can be found on GB7CIP

Real Time Amateur Radio.  If you have a valid Amateur Radio Licence. You could use XCHAT to connect to the Real Time Converse server attached to this amprnet System.  Need to liaise with the Sysop first.

Background reading Why_TCP/IP    Background reading

Communications Protocols   Background reading

Intro to NOS Network Operating System  by John Ackermann, AG9V 1992 Background reading

NOSintro – TCP/IP over Packet Radio
An Introduction to the KA9Q Network Operating System
Ian G3NRW has made the content of his book available
via his Website
G4APL has a copy of
Ian's book on his bookshelf. First Edition 1992.

Networking Without Wires Radio Based TCPIP by John Ackermann, N8UR 1999 Background reading

ftp Tutor Background reading

UK IP addressing scheme Background reading (used before year 2000 before the network fell apart)

XCHAT IRC Convers Client Setup  (Windows 9x NT XPHome/Pro, Win7, Win10, Linux) Linux and Windows Client application to access the IRC (Chat Server at
Note: The configuration also applies to the linux xchat versions

colrconv is another nice split screen linux convers client (apt-get install colrconv)
another one that a 'gb7cip User' has used to connect to the the WWC network at gb7cip WeeChat Website

TCP/IP and explanation by G1SOG

Example configuration for
WINFBB 7.00E 32 bits setup for AGWPE, Soundcard and Telnet
by Jose Maria CX2SA

FBB Packet-radio BBS mini-HOWTO by Miroslav "Misko" Skoric YT7MPB

Linux FPAC mini-HOWTO by Bernard Pidoux F6BVP
FPAC LINUX MINI HOWTO describes how to install and set up the FBB BBS on
a packet radio network taking advantage of level 3 automatic routing
using ROSE protocol and FPAC nodes (an F6FBB application too).
This is probably the most convenient packet routing system available for
hamradio through Internet and radio links

Raspberry Pi
A lot of Radio Amateurs around the world are using the Respberry Pi as their computer.

To Run
Linux networking applications and supporting services on the amprnet.

Below is a link to F6BVP Bernard's web site and his current work.
At least give you a good staring point.

He has prepared an image containing the required networking
applications that just need configuring

Another Radio Amateur Charley K4GBB has done some good work

G4APL has used
a selection of this information from both these Radio Amateur's to create his experimental
APpLe and Raspberry Pi
(256MB Memory) node APLRPI back in 2012
and with the Raspberry Pi (1GB Memory) version 2  and 3 Model B nodes APLPIE 2016

LinPac Packet Rado Terminal
G4APL LinPac Notes experience using LinPac by David Ranch KI6ZHD
, OK2JBG and their support team.

Use Mozilla's Thunderbird to access your FBB SP Mail and Bulletins
You can now use Thunderbird(mail/news) to connect to the GB7CIP LinFBB 7.0.8 server via the Internet or amprnet.
GB7CIP now has a user using a Mobile Phone (AndroidOS) using K-9 Mail to read and send
(SP AX25 Mail) mail.

The firewalls have now been configured so you can use the pop3(6110)/smtp(6025)
 to read
and send your
  SP(email) to and from the GB7CIP LinFBB server.
  also AX25 Bulletins (nntp newgroups)

Address the SP mail address as you would do. i.e.
when using a standard AX25 Client. CALLSIGN@BBSCALL.#Area.COUNTRY.CONTINENT
You can also use Reply to messages and bulletins received.

For a bulletins, again address as you would do as when using an AX25 Client. e.g.

Remember your LinFBB SysOp needs to enable Telnet access on your LinFBB User account.
YOU! need to disable paging if you have it enabled.  Using the OP command.

All message
s need to be plain text by default

To configure SMTP and POP3
Account details
Your name:              First name or your Callsign
Your Email address  CALL@GB7CIP.#32.GBR.EURO

View Settings for this account
Select Composition and Addressing
Make sure that Compose message in HTML format is UNTICKED
as you want all packet messages in Plain Text.
then select OK to save the change.

POP Server details
        Hostname     ipaddress of gb7cip amprnet or public ip address
        Port              6110
        Username     YOUR_CALLSIGN  (in capitals)
        Password      The password that you use when accessing GB7CIP
        SSL/TLS        none

SMTP Server details
        Hostname     ipaddress of gb7cip amprnet or public ip address
        Port              6025
        Authentication Password transmitted insecurely
        Password      The password that you use when accessing GB7CIP

Also you can setup the Thunderbird NNTP(6119) newsgroup client up to
download read/send the Bulletins.

NNTP Server details
         Server name GB7CIP
         Server           ipaddress of gb7cip amprnet or public ip address
         Port              6119
         Security Setting none

Use Mozilla's Thunderbird CHAT interface to access GB7CIP IRC Convers Server

If you have a static IP address or hostname that I can lock into a config file.
You can also use the Thunderbird IRC Chat client to access gb7cip's
WorldWide Convers server.

Following on from configuring your SP Mail and Bulletin upload and download as detailed above.
Now within the Account Section
Create a New Account
Select  Chat
Select  IRC <NEXT>
Username            enter your Amateur Radio Licence Callsign
Password                     leave this field blank at this tme <NEXT>
Alias                    enter your Amateur Radio Callsign
Open IRC Options
Port                     6667
untick                  use SSL <NEXT>

View Setting for this account
From the Left Hand panal Select the IRC account just created <OK>

Select Chat at the top of the screen (between the Write and Address Book)
Select Join Chat

Note: GB7CIP uses channel 11 as it's main chat(convers) Channel
Channel            11

In the Left hand panal select #11
You should see a list of Particpants in the Right hand panal>

At the bottom of the screen in the 'enter' panal. Type /HELP for a list of the current command that are available in the Thunderbird IRC Client.

The command /List displays the active channals.
Highlight the #11 (channel) in the left hand panal,
Right click  select Close Convesation
I hope that these instructions work ok
73 de Paul G4APL 28.12.2016
Open source cross-platform email and Usenet client based on Mozilla code. Features intelligent spam filters, built-in RSS reader, and quick

Claws Mail
A GB7CIP user has used Claws Mail to access GB7CIP to send and Receive SP message. Using the previous configuration Thunderbird detail documented above.
Feedback from another user, confirming that he has also got Claws Mail working on his own.

XARPM (X Amateur Radio Packet Mailer) graphical packet radio mail reader and terminal program Linux Client by G6VEY. Last version 1.3.0/1.3.1.
(XARPM Currently not supported - September 2010)
G4APL has found and  installed 1.2.0 on Ubuntu 10.04 LTS
To use with GB7CIP
Remember to set your
BBS account to eXpert Mode (X)
Disable paging (OP)
Set home BBS to GB7CIP (NH GB7CIP)
Xarpm Main Set-up/BBS Prompt (CIP >)
Xarpm Main Set-up/Line Format to use with GB7CIP (GB7FCR Format from predefined list)

TNC2PPP eprom info for TNC2+WIN95/98  (3Kbytes)  enter TNC2PPP at bbs prompt(g4apl has this working on win98pc driving a BSX2 TNC)

The simplest version to get going if you have a TNC2 clone
(e.g. Tiny2, TNC200, BSX2)  or Baycom, in JNOS running under DOS or a DOS window. 
Though we only have experience of using TNC2's.

  You can always do your own thing afterwards, once you have got going and gained some experience.
a) TCPIP Over AX25
Paul found that he could set-up this system up and working in 30 minutes using an Ethernet Virtual Driver and an Ax25inet interface to drive a TNC2 in KISS mode. Allowing all the windows IP enable programs to access the local TCPIP GB7CIP server over 1200bd or 9600bd radio Interfaces 
TCPIP over AX25 document
(Links referred to in this document are no longer active)

Using your windows system soundcard to generate the tones and  drive your transceiver. (or AGW drive the TNC in KISS mode)

c) Windows
Setup your Win3.11, win95/98,2000,XP PC to route via the jnos PC over the  Ethernet connection between the jnos and windows machines.



Reported to work well on TCP/IP using windows sound card. Win98, ME, 2000, XP.
g4apl has had no experience of this software.  Other than spoken to a station nr Bristol via the amprnet ip network who is very please with the system.  MixW Web Site
e) URONode
URONode is a friendly User frontend that sits ontop of the Linux ax25 tools, utils, apps and IP networking software which gb7cip uses on a very busy hard disk based system, instead of LinuxNode(which had security issues).
It supports cross-port digipeating, automatic routing, various IP functions, and ANSI colours.
There is also a Raspberry Pi image distribution that take ten minutes to configure and
get up and running. Once the image is on a SD memory card and plugged into the
RaspberryPi. Note G4APL only Uses AX25 NetRom TCPIP (not FLexnet or ROSE) for the UK Network.

f) Xrouter
Use Paula's (g8pzt) XROUTER on a scrap Dos PC connected to your Windows PC over the Ethernet.  (Quite easy to setup once you have read the manual, PC min specification 386 640KB ram, small hard disk,  serial ports, TNC, Ethernet card)  or run XROUTER on it's own.  Then use the standard Windows supplied internet programs  IWeb Browser e.g. via radio web server Telnet, FTP, Outlook or Outlook Express for pop3(mail) and nntp (Bulletins) network games over TCP/IP etc. and any other program that uses TCP/IP

These are the notes extracted from the article written by G4HIP.
A little screed on getting an NNTP server working with NOS. While intended for those using TNOS developed by Brian Lantz, it may be of help to other NOS users as well."
Can be article found on the attached link G4HIP NNTP for VIRGINS

h) Microsoft Outlook Express
If you use Microsoft Outlook to post NNTP (news articles, equivalent to ax25 bulletins) on the TCP/IP AMateur Radio Packet NETwork. server                For some tips re Distribution: field values (uk, europe, world, ampr, amsat)

NNTP Latest list of UKIP Newsgroups
xfbb<>nntp gateway feed to
requested by London Regional IP Coordinator to provide feed for London and home counties 12 August 1997
double click to download NNTPGROUPS

(If using Internet Explorer (IE) you may need to right click on NNTPGROUPS and select " save target as" to save as file)
Latest UKIP NNTP gateway.txt file use by UK NNTP Gateway Hubs. updated and maintained by g4apl
 Please enter        OUTLOOK    for tips of how to add these entries

Note:  very few use the original Usenet nntp services these days,
i) NNTP EMAIL Dialog
Another Email, NNTP Newsreader that you may like to experiment with is Dialog from  40tude Web site.
We have run it under Windows XPpro and Win 98 successfully sending and receiving Email and News Articles from gb7cip.  It is very configurable and could replace Outlook.
j) MAILGW Modified by G4HIP assisting Paul  G4APL to fix major bugs back in 1998/1999.  Is a Linux suite of applications used with INN and SENDMAIL at GB7CIP. Now working with INN 2.5.3 and current version of  Sendmail 17.5.2014l 
Here are the latest map files based on the gateway.txt file. 
It is assumed that you have a fully working MAILGW AX25<>TCPIP gateway using the following files.

MAILGW 0.3.1 G4HIP Patches. refer to G4HIP Web site

k) Jnos example of the resulting config file
Jnos commands Manual (1994) in pdf format
e.g. GB7CP                                         enter SMTPFIX at bbs prompt)

m) JNOS program function Keys   
1)     The version that the Caterham SysOps suggest you use is a self installing package called  (1.39Mbytes)Available from  Internet   (preferred)
Old no longer supported- noted here for history.

2)   YAPP from gb7cip  directory  yapp/tcpip/nosins2k.zipNote: The XFBB Server here does it's housekeeping at 02:00 hours and restarts
3)   7PLUS   connect to GB7CIP(CIPBBS)  then issue the command  7pserv yapp/tcpip/
 this will send you 70+ files of 15 Kilobytes each.

The latest releases can be found on Maiko's ve4klm Website
Linux Primary platform
DOS version can be run on Windows and OS2 (Expect that it can be run in DOSBOX on other platforms)
WIN32 and Mac OS.X

JNOS2 WIN32 (Native Windows) version
by Maiko ve4klm
Connect over the Amprnet AMateurPacketRadioNetwork using a sound Card and Multipsk
For more details can be found on Maiko's Website
I have not tested this de g4apl

  You will need to identify your local TCP/IP server and frequency that you will use to access your local hub(Server) and the rest of the TCP/IP network

You are most welcome to use if you can access one of our frequencies direct. (makes our life easier as we can assist in helping you getting it going if you use the suggested software and a TNC). 

Connect to gb7cip-5 and enter info and ports for details.
Once you have the software and keen to get up and running, you will require an amprnet TCP/IP address to be allocated to you. Information required (please send to g4apl)
Did you previously hold, currently hold another callsign.
Please advise all the UK callsigns you have held.
    e.g. Foundation, Intermediate, A/B, A, B Licence. QTH   (TCP/IP addresses are issued based on where you live)
     (as explained in UK IP ADDRESSING SCHEME) Local TCP/IP HUB and frequency that you plan to use for your local access point of presence (POP) to the network.
(Just like you use your Internet ISP for access)
Log on to the amprnet portal link listed below.
  Further advice can be gained by chatting live to the support group on the local convers channel 11 Connect to CRCHAT(GB7CIP-5) CRNODE(MB7NCR) or
port 23 or 6301 then enter the command CONV
The TCP/IP co-ordinator will liaise with the respective sysop.

  World amprnet co-ordinator via the amprnet portal.
Register and Login.
Select Networks and 
Then view, list, select, request.




If you had read this far and want to access via the Internet. The following TCPIP Client applications are usefull
PUTTY                     not spilt screen  Free
HYPER TERMINAL   Not spilt screen Free with Microsoft windows
DXTelnet                   Split Screen Needs to be licenced

TTYLINK                   Nice simple Split Screen TTY Telnet Client by Marcel PA3AZK Free
ideal for  connecting to Amateur Radio Network connected nodes, BBS and chat servers

Telnet client for Dx Cluster by JA3THL for windows
Also a Nice Spilt screen Telnet program
for accessing GB7CIP node and BBS via the Internet
or via Radio over the amprnet.

JA3THL Website appears to be offline.
(Paul has a copy of the files in his ftp server)
After following installation instructions.

Select Connect Tab
Configure Node1and Node2 tabs as detailed below
             Node1                              Node2
Port       6301                                 6300
Remarks GB7CIP Node                  GB7CIP BBS

Replace the IP with if connecting
via your own amprnet system

Look forward to seeing you using the amprnet (AMateur Packet Radio NETwork) TCP/IP Paul G4APL  AX25_BBS g4apl@gb7cip.#32.gbr.euro
Internet  Email Address image
Also your local TCP/IP co-ordinator and The_Nodal_Lord.
Updated 10.2.2018