GB7CIP Amateur Radio International Gateway.

Mail forwarding over AX25, NetRom, IP and SMTP  via HF PACTOR over
Amateur Radio Short Wave bands, VHF, UHF, amprnet wireless and internet links.

G4APL MaintainedUK AX25 BBS Listings 
G4APL MaintainedGB7CIP Forwarding (pdf)

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 This paragraph contains a brief  overview of AX25 Network...

WINLINK and N1URO AXMAIL illegal for UK Radio Amateurs to use these services over Wireless (Radio)..
When G4APL applied for Winlink GB7CIP licence Notice of Variations in November 2014.

Paul enquired about running a HF Winlink system using PACTOR.
He was informed that Ofcom advise that it is illegal for UK Radio Amateurs.
UK Radio Amateurs are only allowed to communicate via
DEDICATED Radio Amateur to Radio Amateur communication systems.

Winlink Global Radio E-mail system is handling third party traffic, which is not permitted under ITU regulations.

As Winlink and N1URO AXMAIL are NOT dedicated, as they allow communication to and from
Non Radio Amateur Emails communications via the Internet.
i.e. General public, companies.
Applies to 3rd party messages and one to one messages.

Seems strange that Paul has monitored other G stations running Winlink send and receive 'emails' from Winlink gateways on the LF and HF bands!

GB7CIP CRCHAT Node,  provide AX25, NetRom routing for the home counties.  
inking East Surrey, West Sussex, London, and Home Counties.

Since 2000,  we have lost nearly all our  VHF/UHF Radio link partners. Due to the remote end partners circumstances changing.
i.e. House moves, becoming Silent Keys (SK). HIgh rental cost of remote aerial mast space.
Lost of interest due to no local activity in their area.

GB7CP CATB22 CATHAM Nodes closed down 8 November 2014 after providing 25 years service for the local Radio Amateur AX25 IP Packet community.
At GB7CIP/GB7CR the numbers of active Interfaces (Users Links) now revised.  7 of the 8 ports currently active.  Including the HF PACTOR ports.
Note: GB7CR Closed down and relicenced as MB7NCR 6.3.2015.

Access to GB7CIP xFBB BBS is via  CRCHAT:GB7CIP-5, CIPBBS and MB7NCR

hostname       replaces

Access to the local and world TCP/IP network is via  CRCHAT:GB7CIP-5 or CRNODE

Terminal Node Controllers (TNC)
For GB7CIP VHF/UHF Interfaces, G4APL uses six of Paccom Tiny2's Mark1 and Mark2, Some with the addition of the Paccom NB96 RUH 9600bd Modem or the Data Carrier Detect (DCD) open squelch carrier detect board

Paccom TNC200 built from a kit of parts purchased in 1986 and this has been driven by a Raspberry Pi when testing it in (2014).with a Kenwood TR751e 2metre transceiver as a portable system.

Paccom Tiny2 Manual in pdf format for download, has been found on this Internet web site

He also has some BSX2 1200bd and one configured with the G3RUH 9600bd RUH modem interface.
G0BSX Peiter  Designer of the G0BSX TNC Documentation and Circuit diagrams can be found on G0BSX's Web Site

AX25 Tips provides information on how you can use and travel around the AX25 NODE network and suggested route e.g. to Scotland.

FBB User Support DOCUMENTS and manuals provides a series of files in PDF format that you can download. 
Covering BBS commands, AX25 UK and World region codes used in routing AX25 personal messages from BBS to BBS.
Advice for Winpack users
configuring their system to work with this BBS.
Also refers to other clinets to access the GB7CIP BBS.

TCPIP notes provides further information to assist in your packet radio experiance.

Kenwood Transceivers
How To Configure Kenwood TS2000e for AX25 Packet Radio
How To Configure the Kenwood THD7e THD72e for AX25 Packet Radio
using the built in TNC (Terminal Node Controller) using Windows XP, Windows 7 Pro, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
UBUNTU Linux and the PaKet 6.2 Packet Program.