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Mail forwarding over AX25, NetRom, IP and SMTP  via HF PACTOR over
Amateur Radio Short Wave bands, VHF, UHF, amprnet wireless and internet links.

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Solar Forecast

A few useful sites that G4APL refers to support his HF path activities

Near real time Display of Ionosphere F2 Critical Frequency by Jim Bacon G3YLA
refer to RSGB Radio Communication (RadCom) July 2017 Page 28 for details

Another HF Propegation Aid from the RSGB

New VOACAP HF Charts as describe in RadCom October 2018 Page 12

For those of you that still use Julian's G3ILO nice VOAProp windows application that G4APL
has used on his PC's' for ten years or so, to view short and long path propagation.
The following will be of interest for the current working solar forecast link file (Thanks Mirek)
Mirek's ok1dub Support website  for the latest wwv.txt file and link to add
to G3ILO's VOAProp application configuration on start up screen and two updated data files.
(includes a link to download VOAProp)

Solar Forecast forecast image

Prepared by the U.S. Dept. of Commerce, NOAA, Space Weather Prediction Center (SWPC)
NOAA Space Weather Prediction Center Real Time data update
Geophysical Alert - WWV text

Propagation information from many sources on one screen for Radio Amateurs and Short Wave Listeners (SWL)

Latest SSN / Flux Forecast  Propagation Resource Center ::

Choosing the correct Sunspot Number for VOPROP

Information about the Sun's and Earth environment

What is HF Propagation.  Learn about the different modes of propagation and find out how signals travel around the world by clicking the link

The monthly and monthly smoothed sunspot numbers are plotted for the present cycle and the four latest cycles.

Click on the link below to see where we are in the current 11 year solar cycle. From information gathered it looks like this cycles minimum will be February, March 2007. In February 2009 they are still low. January 2010 just starting to improve.

Latest Solar Sunspot Index Graphics 

Another interesting site displaying a propagation F2 layer map from space.
Solar Space Weather Paramenters

IRI Real-Time Assimilative Mapping (IRTAM)
Global Near-Real-Time F2-layer Critical Frequency and Peak Height

R.A.M. Van der Linden and the SIDC team, online catalogue of the sunspot index,

Some tools that you can use to assist your LF/HF Short Wave Communication. The Grafex tool gives a text display after you have enter your data.

Sporadic-E clouds location and estimated MUF real time map
QSO/SWL real time maps
I.T.U Zones and Regions IARU
I.T.U Zones ITU Zones  Click on Zone number e.g. 27 for UK
I.T.U and CQ DX Zone Map in PDF format

Using the information provided below.  You can use the NASA snap-ins to Google Earth to monitor the progress of Radio Propagation in real-time using Google Earth view from space.

This information was extracted from the Amateur Radio AX25 BBS Bulletin that Paul G4APL would like to share with you.

[sarex] New Ionosphere Tool for Ham Radio Operators

I am pleased to announce that NASA has just released a new 4D ionosphere
tool that can benefit the ham radio community. To explore the ionosphere
and for more information on this outstanding modeling system, please go to
the following web sites:

The vodcast on the 4D ionosphere

A downloadable version that includes a sound bite on how ham radio operators
will benefit from this model:


73, Frank Bauer, KA3HDO
Sent via

Another interesting website for real time data is hosted by VE3EN