GB7CIP Amateur Radio International Gateway.

Mail forwarding over AX25, NetRom, IP and SMTP  via HF PACTOR over
Amateur Radio Short Wave bands, VHF, UHF, amprnet wireless and internet links.

G4APL MaintainedUK AX25 BBS Listings 
G4APL MaintainedGB7CIP Forwarding (pdf)

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QRZ callsign lookup:

FBB and BBS User Sysop Support Documents

and additional USER Information
to allow you to get the best out of your PMS BBS.

Hierarchical Address (HA)  
ALL Amateur Radio PMS and BBS systems World Wide. SHOULD be using this method of addressing the AX25  SP Mail.

All forwarding and routing is based on HA Hierarchical Address selection.
Please ensure that YOUR SYSTEM meets this world wide AX25 Mail Forwarding Standard.

BBS Bulletin Board Server
Please ensure that you correctly define your fully qualified Hierarchical Address in your BBS PMS Server address.

PMS Personal Mail System
Please configure your PMS BBS Software client, to use the correct fully qualified Hierarchical Address of your Local Main Home BBS (GB7 Systems in the UK) in your PMS Client From field and a fully qualified Hierarchical Address for the Destination BBS system at which the USER resides. Refer to the UK HA Regions document link further down this page.

AX25 SP Mail Routing
There is no excuse for SP Personal Mail not to reach it’s destination BBS. (if the BBS is active and alive).
All it just needs the SysOP, liaising with major continent or Region gateways within each HA area and create a correctly configured unique Forward file for EACH partner.

Hierarchical Address Format
@County State.Country.Continent
e.g. in one of the following formats
SP YOURCALLSIGN@HOMEBBSCALL.Region.Country.Continent     UK HA Regions
SP YOURCALLSIGN@HOMEBBSCALL.County.State.Country.Continent

The White Page (WP) Datebase at GB7CIP will be updated and propagated to other 30+ BBS's including BBS Gateways in Asia, Europe, Oceania, Africa, South and North America hosting a WP Database automatically.

That will allow our BBS systems to correctly forward your SP Mail to it's destination anywhere in the 'World'.

Note: GB7CIP does not forward to UK systems that are not authorise to receive third party mail, bulletins  over Radio. Only forward to GB7### systems.
That is your Home BBS needs to be one of the UK Licenced Ofcom NOV GB7 systems.
And that you only use ONE HOME BBS.
Or if you log to another BBS remember to SET YOUR HOME BBS with it's correct HOME HA on the Visited 'BBS' Server.

Otherwise your action will cause your SP Mail to be misrouted (lost in a big black hole) back to the last visited server that you did not amend your HA.
ALL other WhitePages databases will be updated with your last visited HA server,.

GB7CIP WhitePage Database (Section 15 fbb manual)
If you run a White Pages (WP) database you may update GB7CIP WhitePages database.

If you use LinFBB it's just a simple case of amending your fbb.conf file and add GB7CIP to your wpcalls list entry.
e.g.wpcalls = GB7CIP
This will be automatically be called during the overnight maintenance e.g. at 02:00hrs

or if a non FBB system (We have got one BPQ system to play ball)
Set-up your system to send WP Update message addressed as
Subject WP Update

Message body will contain the WP Update data generated by your WP server running on your system if enabled.

Note all messages sent as SB WP@WW EU etc are automatically deleted
and not accepted at GB7CIP as these are invalid.

You can test your forwarding path for Personal AX25 Mail to and from
GB7CIP from any AX25 BBS by sending a message addressed

Subject Path test
Path test

Reply message body content will contain your Outbound Mail routing R:Lines
Read your reply (if you get one) in verbose mode
V message_number (will display the Inbound path R:Lines to your system).

If you do not get a reply back from GB7CIP, liaise with your SysOp's and Adjacent SP AX25 Mail routing partners.
You can also liaise with Paul G4APL who could assist you in running AX25 SP Mail routing diagnostics between GB7CIP and your system. 

Make adjustments and retest.
Paul G4APL has been using LinFBB since at least 1994 according to dates on his configuration files

GB7CIP XFBB User Commands Document in PDF format

AX25 UK BBS Forwarding Regions and Counties showing National Area Code in PDF format.
List provided to G4APL by the original UK AX25 BBS Co-coordinator G1DVU 20 March 1999. Adopted by all UK BBS's, following discussion at UK SysOps meetings 10 ,11 and formally Implemented fully by 1 September 1991 still valid and in use today.

AX25 Bulletin routing are based on the follow International codes.
please use the 4 digit Continent Codes for correct AX25 SP Mail Routing
AX25 International Country and Continent Forwarding Regions in PDF format

GB7CIP FBB forwarding partners routes for Bulletins and Personal Mail in PDF format

GB7CIP XFBB Satellite Database Information in PDF format

GB7CIP XFBB Multi List and REDIST Server Information in PDF format

FBB Packet-radio BBS Documentation
Reviewed/amended and updated by Gustavo Ponza / I0OJJ (March 2011)

The manual edited by LA6CU and contributed by other authors is still living in its original form, as
I have found on the Web.

I made on it all changes/amendments (compatibly with the existing text) occurred until the latest xdfbb V7.04j released by F6FBB (new commands, variables, etc.).

As far as possible were also fixed typos found in the text and also made some minor additions and corrected or improved the text in a few steps of the manual.
----==-- _ 73, gustavo i0ojj
---==---(_)__ __ ____ __
--==---/ / _ \/ // /\ \/ /
-=====/_/_//_/\_,_/ /_/\_\
A proud member of LinuxTeam

FBB Version 7.0.0 Manual in PDF Format
FBB Version 7.0.5-7.0.11 Manual in PDF Format

Some background BBS information from the 1990's that maybe of interest to the reader

FBB AX25 BBS Online Documentation

Linux FPAC mini-HOWTO by Bernard Pidoux F6BVP
The latest LinFBB source is now located on SourceForge
and select the package or file you want to download.

WinFBB 7.00E for Windows 2000, XP and Vista by Jose Maria  CX2SA

An explanation of how AX25 Bulletins are sent around the UK and the world by G0SYR.
AX25 BBS Bulletin Forwarding Discussion in PDF format

During the 2005 UK Packet Conference it was agreed a BBS Forward DataBase would be maintained to document how UK GB7### BBS's route Personal Messages.  Bryan G0SYR agreed to undertake this task

Click to view the AX25 UK  BBS_LISTINGS

Telnet Connection to GB7CIP Linux Server running LinFbb BBS Service
Linux uses <LF> Linefeed to go to the start of the next line
Where as DOS/WINDOWS Application uses <CR><LF>
Carriage Return, Line Feed Like using and old typewriter

Some Applications Just Send <CR> and no <LF>

The correct BPQ setup to forward to LinFBB systems
BPQ Outward Connect for BBS Forwarding
Ensure that you configure B1 forwarding protocol and disable B2 which is not currently supported by LinFBB and is mainly used with Winlink systems.

TelnetServr can connect to other TCP hosts. This is normally used for
BBS<>BBS forwarding
You have to ATTACH the Telnet Port, then enter a "C" command,
C hostname TCPport [NEEDLF] User Password [Command]

C 6300 NEEDLF User Password [Command]

Port is the port number of your TelnetServer port,
Hostname and TCPportform the TCP address of the host to connect to,
the optional NEEDLF will cause a Line Feed to be sent after user and password, and is needed by some Linux systems.
User, Password and Command are sent after connecting.
Command will not always be needed, it depends on whether the remote system connects directly to the BBS, or whether it connects to a Node, and a command is needed to enter the BBS.

If you are connecting to a FBB BBS and you want to use compressed forwarding, you must precede the callsign with a dot,
e.g. .g8bpq.
This will tell FBB to use a transparent TCP session instead of a Telnet session. It is not needed for other systems.

SO! From what G4APL has read a lot on this while Goggling
There are incompatibility Telnet Inbound and Outbound issues with
LinFbb, WinFBB, BPQ, LinBPQ, Jnos and other applications.

To request Linux to send a <CR><LF> instead of <LF>
a period is required before the callsign after the Login
Mainly on old unsupported DOS and Windows software.
.callsign  <period><callsign>

Can not find the above documented in the LinFbb Support documentation
at the present time.
The period has been used for years with LinFBB, yet not seen it documented.
(Or G4APL has missed it for over a decade seems all very confusing)

So if telneting in from a Non Linux system or an application
that requires <CR><LF> to be sent
a period needs to be added
e.g. fbb
V .callsign$WPassword$W

the . (period) will add the <CR>
and switch LinFBB to <CR><LF> mode


Complex Linfbb (xfbb) forwarding files examples
Here are a couple of examples of GB7CIP BBS, simple and complex forwarding files that Paul G4APL used for several years. 
Also listed here is a working example of a forward file to GB7CIP linfbb server.
Hope they assist you in creating your personal xfbb forwarding files.

Used to connect to Canadian BBS's via Local 'Internet tunnels'. 
Using Telnet to JNOS,TNOS amprnet gateways.
Then jump on to their local BPQ AX25/NetRom network to reach the remote FBB BBS and commence the forwarding session.

Simple    Connect script meeting the above requirements.

Complex Connect script including alternative connections in the event of a failure.

GB7CIP.fwd fbb connect forward script working example via netrm1 (netrom) interface

For LF/HF PACTOR Linfbb (xfbbd) configurations refer to gb7cip Pactor.

From Linfbb version 704h the smtp and also themes.sys file format has changed, that has allowed gb7cip to provide Internet InternetNewNews Applications to access GB7CIP, providing reading and sending bulletins in InternetNewNews format using the current master gb7cip themes.sys configuration file. In addition to reading and sending SP mail as email

Use Mozilla's Thunderbird to access your FBB SP mail and Bulletins
You can now use Thunderbird(mail/news) to connect to the GB7CIP LinFBB 7.0.11 server via the Internet or amprnet.
The firewalls have now been configured so you can use the pop3(6110)/smtp(6025)
to read
and send your
AX25 SP(email) to and from the GB7CIP LinFBB server and
also AX25 Bulletins (nntp newsgroups)

Address the SP mail address as you would do.
when using a standard AX25 Client. CALLSIGN@BBSCALL.#Area.COUNTRY.CONTINENT
You can also use Reply to messages and bulletins receive.

The comments below relate to sending bulletins by any client the user uses

For a bulletins, again address as you would do as when using an AX25 Client.
The Topic field maximum of six characters reflecting message/bulletin content
@ Separator between Topic @ Distribution  fields
Distribution field routing, three character country code or two character continent code.
28 Characters plus <CR/LF>
Terminate the message/bulletin with /EX  only on the last line.

Send Bulletin
SB ALL@LOCAL     Sent to the Local BBS
SB ALL@LONDON  Offered to all LONDON Network AX25 BBS's
SB TECH@WW      Offered to all worldwide BBS's forwarding partners
SB DX@EU             Offered to all EUropean BBS's forwarding partners
SB ALL@GBR         Offered to all GBR BBS's forwarding partners 

To configure SMTP and POP3
Account details
Your name:              First name or your Callsign
Your Email address  CALL@GB7CIP.#32.GBR.EURO

POP Server details
        Hostname     ipaddress of gb7cip amprnet or public ip address
        Port              6110
        Username     YOUR_CALLSIGN  (in capitals)
        Password      The password that you use when accessing GB7CIP
        SSL/TLS        none

SMTP Server details
        Hostname     ipaddress of gb7cip amprnet or public ip address
        Port              6025
        Authentication Password transmitted insecurely
        Password      The password that you use when accessing GB7CIP

Also you can setup the Thunderbird NNTP(6119) newsgroup client up to
download read/send the Bulletins.

NNTP Server details
         Server name GB7CIP
         Server           ipaddress of gb7cip amprnet or public ip address
         Port              6119
         Security Setting none

If you have a static IP address or hostname that I can lock into config file.
You can also use the Thunderbird IRC Chat client to access gb7cip's
WorldWide Convers server. (I have not documented this yet)
Open source cross-platform email and Usenet client based on Mozilla code. Features intelligent spam filters, built-in RSS reader, and quick

Current Sally 7 version 7.2.042 (Runs under Windows 10) October 2020

HI Sally fans,
Ted, G8NPF has released the new version of "Sally 7".

The program can be downloaded from the group of Sally
Yahooh and also from my site downloads.

73 Ciao a tutti Renzo.
li, dom 04 ottobre 2015 14:50 (+2.00) CET
I6KZR Fermo, Italy
You can download SALLY from the following website

SALLY Telnet Scripts Examples
BBS Script for the SALLY Client
There have been several requests for an example Telnet to BBS Script for the SALLY Client Packet program

Richard M0CLZ@GB7CIP.#32.GBR.EURO has agreed to provide his working script,
Updated by Ken G7VJA October 2020

after testing it to enable
1) Telnet to GB7CIP BBS via the GB7CIP-5:CRCHAT Linux Node
2) Telnet to direct to GB7CIP Linux LinFbb BBS
Select this script link to access the files (updated Oct 2020)
Hope this is helpful to you all
73 de Paul G4APL Sysop GB7CIP

Outpost Packet Message Manager
to connect to connect BBS GB7CIP

OPMM Support website  latest version 3.6 (7.6.2022)
(Runs on WinXP to current Win11)

G4APL has this working with his Win7 Pro Laptop
connected via a USB/Serial Adaptor connected to his SCS PTC-IIex
You can use this application with any TNC. Worth having a look.
Though does not appear to have a built in Split Screen Terminal one to one Interface! When used with a SCS PTC Packet,Pactor controller.
That is Does Not display what one is typing. Only displays the inbound text from the remote system. Which is a 'big' shame. (Paul still neeeds to retest the 3.6 version, telnet packet/pactor works)

Microsoft XP Mode Virtual Machine
How to add an XP Mode Virtual Machine to Windows 10 (or 8) using Hyper-V Download

WinPack FAQ in PDF format
WinPac FBB Auto Download Tips in PDF format
FBB and WINPACK Compress forwarding tips in PDF format
FBB WINPACK Windows 7 Notes in PDF Format
WinPack 6.80 Manual page 185 185 related to using with xfbb 7 PDF format.
The above is to assist WinPack users of gb7cip (Full manual
Roger became a silent key in 2004.
Full Manual 2Mbytes in PDF format  here

Winpack versions from 4.0 to 6.8 and all the add on tools are available for
download at:
Reviewed 12.2.2024