GB7CIP Amateur Radio International Gateway.

Mail forwarding over AX25, NetRom, IP and SMTP  via HF PACTOR over
Amateur Radio Short Wave bands, VHF, UHF, amprnet wireless and internet links.

G4APL MaintainedUK AX25 BBS Listings 
G4APL MaintainedGB7CIP Forwarding (pdf)

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The following GB7CIP services have been provided and supported via the amprnet since 2000.
Using the standard Unix/Linux applications and Networking infrastructure
  • DNS Domain Name Server(amprnet)
  • Convers World Wide Chat Server, standard and IRC(Internet Relay Chat using Xchat Client) linked to the amprnet.
  • Anonymous FTP (passive), NTP TIME,
  • HTTP Web services
  • NNTP amprnet  NetworkNews Group articles
  • POP3 Mail, SMTP Mail eXchange Switch
  • AX25 <> TCP/IP amprnet <> AX25 mail and newsgroups gateway
  • XFBB Server telnet to port 6300 for user access and AX25 forwarding over TCP/IP also available from the Internet 6300 or 6300
    60+ forwarding partners over AX25, TCPIP and HF PACTOR
  • XFBB Server pop3 and NNTP service.
    You can now use your Thunderbird or other mail/news client, to access and read, post your ax25 mail and bulletins using standard Internet applications. Liaise with g4apl for port service details.
  • Linux_uronode access from the Internet 6301 or 6301
  • AXIP and AXUDP links (AX25 over TCP/IP via amprnet and Internet)
    31 active internet tunneled links
  • Firewall services
  • DXCluster rebroadcast service - To allow you to use you Kenwood TS2000e Packet Cluster Tune facility.
    Part time service on request via gb7cip-5 node command.
    Please contact SysOp G4APL to activate on the required 70cm Interface.