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Caterham Radio Group
In Our
48th Year

The Caterham (Amateur) Radio Group also known as CatRad
Licensed Callsign G0SCR GX0SCR

Was formally founded 1st March 1976. Though had been informally meeting since July 1975.

Initially the group was set-up as a contest group.

Interest in competitive contests waned during the 1980's. The group has since then held it's own annual Wireless camp during May (or at other times (July, August) depending on member's commitments) each year operating on the HF LF VHF bands using SSB/CW Packet Radio and other digital modes,  using the call GX0SCR/P.

The group holds the Amateur Radio Callsign G0SCR, and for group activities demonstrating Amateur Radio GX0SCR to the public.

In the 1980's this group set-up and managed Packet Radio Nodes some of which are still operational today.

Support is still provided to those Radio Amateur's that require assistance in setting up Packet Radio nodes, or user access to the AMateurPacketRadioNETwork (amprnet). on 2Metres, 70cm, Internet and access to GB7CIP world wide gateway.

The Group meets every other Friday evening 8PM when available. Meeting online using Zoom virtual meeting application for an informal chat covering a wide range of topics. We are also sometimes joined by ex Purley Club and CatRad Members.

TDOTA (Thinking Day On The Air) GOTA (Guides On The Air) has been run in the past for 14 years on behalf of the local Caterham Guide and Brownie groups on the 3rd weekend in February, and JOTA (Jamboree On the Air) on the 3rd weekend in October over the years.

Allowing the Guides and Brownies to work towards gaining their Radio Communications badge or certificate.  At the same time finding out more about Amateur Radio, Data Networks and Voice Communications. 
They also spoke to other brownies, guides and girl scouts around the UK and the rest of the world.

During the period of working with the 9th Caterham Guide Group. Seven of the Guides went on and passed their Foundation Amateur Radio Exam and got their M3###  Amateur Radio licence.   .

After running  25 TDOTA JOTA events over the period 1997 to 2010 from the home of G4APL and G7BSF.
February 2010 was the last event to be held with a total of 599 visitors entered in the TDOTA JOTA visitors log book..

Members and friends of the group can be contacted on 145.500mhz FM and via AX25 Packet Radio system GB7CIP and also via the
convers amprnet convers(chat) server channel 11. Further technical Information can be found HERE .

 CATRAD@GB7CIP.#32.GBR.EURO or amprnet catrad at image
Packet Radio World Wide Converse channel 11.

Secretary Paul Lewis G4APL

Internet Email:-
CatRad at  image