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Caterham Guides

The Caterham Radio (CatRad) Group have assisted the Caterham UK Guiding Guides and Brownies introducing  them to Amateur Radio Communications. Amateur Radio Digital Communications over Wireless.
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Enabling the Caterham Guides to participate in the world wide event held on the third weekend of February and October each year. Using the Amateur Radio VHF and Short Wave frequencies to make and renew contacts with Scouts,  Guides and Girl Scouts within the UK and the rest of the world.

In 2007 Amateur Radio
was involved in celebrating the Centenary of Scouting and the World Jamboree with Guides and Scouts. The same year JOTA celebrates its 50th anniversary

Paul G4APL was first invited in 1993 by the Godstone Guide District Commissioner to assist another Amateur Radio Group's Thinking Day on the Air event. The following years (1993,1994,1995) Paul supported other Group JOTA TDOTA Events Mainly assisting the Brownies, Guides, Leaders with the Non Operatoring tasks.
- 2010 Ann G7BSF Paul G4APL has worked with the 9th Caterham Guide Leader

JOTA  Jamboree On The Air activity and reports

TDOTA Thinking Day On The Air GOTA Guides On The Air activity and reports
The first Thinking Day on the Air event was held in 1986

February 2010. Marked the 25th anniversary of Thinking Day On The Air and also celebrated 100 years of Girl Guiding with the issue of the GB100 prefix.

This was also the 25th and last Caterham Guides TDOTA/GOTA and JOTA  event held at Ann G7BSF and Paul's G4APL Home SKYWAVES.. The 1st, 7th and 9th Brownie, Guide, Leaders visitor log listed 599 entries.

CatRad TDOTA and JOTA photos

UK Guides On the Air web site  UK GOTA
Information on Foundation Amateur Radio Exam Courses