GB7CIP Amateur Radio International Gateway.

Mail forwarding over AX25, NetRom, IP and SMTP  via HF PACTOR over
Amateur Radio Short Wave bands, VHF, UHF, amprnet wireless and internet links.

G4APL MaintainedUK AX25 BBS Listings 
G4APL MaintainedGB7CIP Forwarding (pdf)

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QRZ callsign lookup:

AX25 Tips

GB7CIP access frequencies. (reminder)

Direct Radio (Wireless) Access to GB7CIP node BBS is available via
the following uplink interfaces or via the uplink Node callsigns  :-
432.625MHz 9600bd Horizontal Beam 295 deg GB7CIP-9 CATHAM CRGWAY
432.675MHz 1200bd Vertical GB7CIP-7 CATHAM CRGWAY
439.950MHz 9600bd Horizontal Beam 305 deg GB7CIP-10 CATHAM CRGWAY
433.625MHz 1200bd Vertical Beam 350 deg GB7CIP-8 CATHAM CRGWAY

For 2 metres connect to MB7NCR-2 for the friendly node access
or C GB7CIP or GB7CIP-0 for the AX25 BBS (Bulletin Board System)
144.9375MHz 1200bd vertical MB7NCR-2 CATHAM CRGWAY

Now if you own a Kenwood TS2000e and live within range of
Caterham on the Hill GB7CIP access Interfaces.

You could configure the TS2000e Sub receiver to use
1200baud or 9600bd Packet and connect to this system
on one of the VHF/UHF frequencies.

Here's how to do this as explained in detail in the Kenwood TS2000e NOTES on the following Web Page
This also explains how to configure the PaKet62 Client Packet program much favoured by packeteers over the past 30 years.

Who enjoy one to one, one to many QSO's using 145.9375MHz and also DX Node Hopping around the NetRom Packet Radio and Internet networks. Plus accessing other provided network services.

HFPacket and HFPACTOR access available covered in the following web page

An old document found on the system's hard drive entitled
How to Use AX25 Packet Node by G4APL
describing the CatRad network as it was in 1990 and updated in 1992

Also refer to article in RadCom (Radio Communication) July 1994 Page 37
and  Click here to download article Introduction to Packet Radio
in adobe PDF format

AX.25 Link Access Protocol for Amateur Radio
Version 2.2 Revision July 1998 Document.  Note only  a maximum of six characters allocated for callsigns.

List of AX25 routing and NODE HOPPING Tips.

Useful to have a Map handy for location names and relate to node aliases.

When you arrive at the required node The following commands are useful.

H cmd  e.g.  help NS, help int, h conv

 I  (information) command to hopefully find the QTH of the node

INT Display's the Interfaces (ports) to use to connect out via
            to connect to a station.  e.g. to connect via port2  c 2 callsign. via port v144 c v144 callsign

PO (ports) command to list the port to use to connect out via
            to connect to a station.  e.g. to connect via port2  c 2 callsign. via port v144 c v144 callsign

MH or H(heard)  JH(eard) commands to find someone to talk to live on the
        required port/interface at the remote end of the link

NS  NodeSearch    ns g  (list all G prefix callsign,  ns w4 (list all W4's)
       it is wise to use the NS  command instead of the N (node) command as there could
       be over 900 node callsigns in the table and will take a long time to send over 1200bd
       radio link.

S    Status details of the system

U    (users command) to see who is using the node links and software

V     version being used by the node. e.g. BPQ TheNet (X1J4) XRouter URONODE

?      to display the command list

    Some nodes (x1j4) have the CQ command which send out one packet
A station seeing the relayed
CQ call, connects and the network establishes the connection back to your station     

Remember!! UNIX server commands are 'case' dependent, UPPER case letters are different from lower case.  So it's safer to use lower case all the time     

From 6 March 2015 Caterham network complex consists of GB7CIP MB7NCR.  Running 6 RF ports running at 1200bd 9600bd

Local AX25 BBS's

As at November 2014 most of the local BBS's have closed down.
Caterham North East Surrey GB7CIP.#32.GBR.EURO AX25 and TCPIP

Home Counties BBS's

We are just left with GB7CIP at the present time AX25/TCPIP

London GB7CIP (, GB7KUX 144.9375MHZ

Amersham Buckinghamshire AX25 Node GB7IPF-5

NetRom Routing

Please advise of any nodes that no longer work on your journeys around the network.
Use the list as an example and make up your own and try to connect to a live station several hops away.  See if  the remote operator responds to your connection.
This is so that I may update these tables de Paul G4APL

Local 2m Node MB7NCR-2 CATHAM or CRNODE
                         GB7CIP-5  CRGWAY

North Devon

East Sussex
GWAY>BEX (Bexhill)




Link to Scotland

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