XFBBC is a tool that allows to talk with LinFBB deamon.

Main features are:

- remote connection to the xfbbd console
- remote display of the trafic
- remote display of the monitoring

The command line is:

xfbbC [-c | -m channel] [-h hostname] [-p port] [-i mycall] [-w password]

without parameter, xfbbC defaults to "xfbbC -m 0"

Command line options:

-c : console connection. In this case, a callsign and a password must be
     provided. To provide them, you can use either command line options or
     environment variables.

-m channel : monitoring request. 
    channel may be 
      * 0  : traffic activity of all channels is displayed.
      * n  : traffic activity of the channel "n" is displayed
      * -1 : monitoring of all ports

-h : hostname of xfbbd (default localhost)

-p : socket port for the communication to xfbbd (default 1525)

-i : callsign for the console connection

-w : password for the console connection. The password must be the exact
     string corresponding to the callsign as defined in the passwd.sys file of

some environment variables may default the command lines options :