PTC-II Pactor TNC.

(Appendix 32)


Added the PTC-II remote control from forward file.

There are a lot of commands. They are special to the PTC-II. They allow a lot
of parameters to be changed in the TNC, but mainly QSY and SCAN commands (a
remote control of any transceiver is included in the PTC-II).

Added the fequency-status information before connection
In PACTOR, a frequency cannot be shared, only one qso at a time as one of
the two connected stations is sending while the other is receiving. So there
is a special procedure which is made before calling. The busy led has a
time-out of three seconds, that is when it lights, it always stays on at
least three seconds.
This is the method :
- wait 5 seconds a previous busy status to be eventually light off.
- wait 10 seconds to be sure that nobody is sending
- call the remote station

Added the PTCTRX built-in program to pilot the transceiver from PTC-II
The parameters are the same that the TRX command of the PTC-II
ex : " X PTCTRX SCAN 1 " will start scanning from forward file
PTCTRX looks like a QSY program (like ICOM) but in fact send commands to the
TNC. The commands may be memory channels, frequencies or channels scanning.

Packet ports of the PTC-II implemented.
They are packet ports, only need to be declared as the attached example

PTCTRX is a built-in program. The syntax is exactly the same as the TRX
command of the PTC-II. This command is described as 6 pages in the
documentation of the PTC, so better to say : discribed in the PTC-II

Added a scanning control command.
Only PTC. It is an icon only displayed when pactor mode is available, also a
pactor menu appears in the menu bar

Forced disconnection if not disconnected after 10 sec.
Only PTC. if the normal disconnection is not done, a forced disconnection is

ChangeOver button for pactor mode
This button is only displayed if pactor mode is available. It allows to
change from ISS (Send mode) to IRS mode (Receive mode). The pactor is not
like in packet where the two connected stations may send and receive
packets. In pactor one sends its packet until it decides to change the
direction (changeover) and then it is in receive mode and the other is in
send mode. I can say that it is like a phone qso where when you are speaking
other is listening until you finish and givehim back the microphone.
The change-over button is only to force a change, normally all is automatic.

Example of  INITTNCn.SYS for PTC-II:


# INITTNC for PTC-II interface
U 0
N 10
# Transceiver interface
!TRX TYPE ICOM 1200 40
# Scanning
!TRX OFF 1.250
!TRX CH 1 14074
!TRX CH 2 14076
!TRX CH 3 14084
!TRX XS 1 1
!TRX XS 2 1
!TRX XS 3 1
# !CSD 4
# !TXD 3
# Nb of retries in pactor
# Brightness
!BR 2
# End of file

Added F command in gateway for frequency selection.

Added the gateway.sys file to configure the frequencies. This file
accepts the following commands :
IF / ELSE / ENDIF (for port and time)
BEGIN : commands sent when entering the port of the gateway
END   : commands sent when leaving the port of the gateway
FREQ  : Affectation of a frequency / TNC command

Implementation of the CQ command of the gateway for pactor.