The WP.SYS file is composed of records. Each record is 194 bytes long.

typedef struct {
  char    callsign[7]      ;  // Callsign of the record
  char    name[13]         ;  // Name of the user
  char    free             ;  // Unused
  char    changed          ;  // Flag (U, G, I) of modification
  ushort  seen             ;  // Number of updates
  long    activ_date       ;  // Date of active part
  long    temp_date        ;  // Date of temp part
  char    activ_homebbs[41];  // Home BBS in active part
  char    temp_homebbs[41] ;  // Home BBS in temp part
  char    activ_zip[9]     ;  // Zip code in active part
  char    temp_zip[9]      ;  // Zip code in temp part
  char    activ_qth[31]    ;  // Qth in active part
  char    temp_qth[31]     ;  // Qth in temp part
} Wps;

In C language, all strings are ended with a NULL (00 hex) character.

This file should NOT be modified while the BBS software is running !