Only for WinFBB !


 This is the very first file that WinFBB will use. You will find it in 
\FBB\BIN-directory. You don't really need to do any changes in this file,
unless you did some changes during the installation-process.  If you did, 
you must change the pathnames in RUNFBB.BAT exactly the same as you did 
during the installation.
This is very important ! So look for the lines that I have marked with 
an     <---      here :

@echo off
rem -------------------------------------------------
rem This file is run from RUNFBB.EXE.  Only the relevant part is started.
rem Do not forget to type "goto end" at the end of each section !
rem --------------------------------------------------

break off
set fbb=C:\FBB                                 <----
goto %1

:start  ********************** START of START script ************************
  echo off
  cd %fbb%
  goto end
rem *************************** END of START script **************************

:rerun  *********************** START of RERUN script ************************
  cd %fbb%
  goto end
rem **************************** END of RERUN script **************************

:maint  ********************** START of MAINT script **************************
    cd %fbb%
    @echo off
    cd %fbb%\system\sat                              <----          
    if not exist amsat.txt goto amsatend
    satupdat amsat.txt /n > satupdat.res
    satupdat amsat.txt >> satupdat.res
    del amsat.txt
    echo Backup of important files
    copy %fbb%\system\dirmes.sys %fbb%\backup\dirmes.s1		<----           
    copy %fbb%\system\inf.sys %fbb%\backup\inf.s1               <----
    echo Cleaning up messages...
    del epurmess.res
    rem EPURWP Parametre:  Number of days before update, and delete
    rem Default is 40 and 90
    epurwp 45 95
    del %fbb%\system\wp\wp.old				<----
    cd %fbb%\system
    clr_user>>%fbb%\clr_user.res			<----
    MAINTINF 3 /a
    cd %fbb%
    del %fbb%\system\				<----
    del %fbb%\system\dirmes.old				<----
    if not exist %fbb%\error.sys goto direct		<----
    rem ---------------------------------------------------
    rem --- If you want a message when errors have occured:
    rem --- PLEASE exchange LA6CU with your own callsign !!!!	
    rem echo SP LA6CU             >> %FBB%\MAIL.IN		<----
    rem echo Error-report         >> %FBB%\MAIL.IN		<----
    rem type %FBB%\ERROR.SYS       >> %FBB%\MAIL.IN		<----
    rem echo.                     >> %FBB%\MAIL.IN		<----	
    rem ECHO /EX                  >> %FBB%\MAIL.IN		<----
    rem type %FBB%\ERROR.SYS       >> %FBB%\ERROR.LOG		<----
    rem del %FBB%\ERROR.SYS					<----
    rem ---------------------------------------------------
    goto end
rem **************************** END of MAINT script  ************************

:stop ************************* START of STOP script *************************
  goto end
rem ***************************** END av STOP script *************************

:error  ********************** START av ERROR script *************************
  echo WFBB exited with ERRORLEVEL %2
  sleep 5
  goto end
rem **************************** END av ERROR script **************************

  echo %1 script is finished.
  sleep 2