REQDIR server.

 The REQDIR server sends back to origin of the special message the list of
files (total or partial) of a directory.

 The standard command line of the message is used. The message should be of
the private type and addressed to the BBS that we want to ask :

 SP REQDIR @ bbs-destination

 The title of the message contains two information, the mask of the
selection (*.EXE, *.*, etc...) and the @ sign followed the return bbs, that
is to say yours. The return message will be addressed to the sender of the
request via the return BBS. The mask can not be specified. In this case, all
the files will be listed.

 Mask @ bbs-return <- mask of the selection

 The text of the message is not necessary, its content will be ignored by the

 Example :

 Title of message :
 Text of message :

 We assume with this example that YAPP is a sub-directory of the USERS
directory (this a suggested configuration).