NEWDOC server.

 The NEWDOC server allows a simple and fast update of the documentation
database (topic DOCS of the server). This server will create the file and
will give it a label. It will not create a directory if it doesn't exist.
Therefore it is necessary to prepare the directory tree structure before.

 A message will give a summary to the originator.

 The standard command line for messages is used. The message should be of
type private and addressed to the BBS which will be updated.

 SP NEWDOC @ bbs-destination

 The message title contains two information , the name of the file requested
followed by the label to give to the file (see the description of the topics

 Filename Label eventually on several words.

 The text of the message will be transferred in the documentation file.

 Example :

 Title of message :
 BBS\DOC_1.DOC This is the label of the documentation.
 Text of message :
 This is the content of the documentation.
 End of documentation.

 This example assumes that the BBS is a subdirectory of DOCS, thus one of the
topics of the documentation.

 If the NEWDOC.SYS file is specified, the server will be limited to the
callsigns declared in this file, one callsign in each line.

 Example of NEWDOC.SYS file :