This file was designed for DosFBB and works fine there.  See comments on use
with WinFBB at the end of this file.

 This ascii file will substitute a text when pressing CtrL-F1 to Ctrl-F10. 
This text can hold variables and is limited to 255 characters. It can 
include $W variable (CR) and then will be formatted as more than one line.

 This file will have 10 lines, the first line corresponding to Ctrl-F1, and
the last one to Ctrl-F10. If a line is not used, it must have a dot in first

 Example of MEMO.SYS file :

$W$O BBS (FBB$E) in $c ($?).$W
$W  Vy 73. Jean-Paul, F6FBB @ F6FBB.FMLR.FRA.EU$W$W/EX$W
$W  73 Qro. Jean-Paul, F6FBB@F6FBB.FMLR.FRA.EU$W$W/EX$W

In WinFBB this does not work the same.  It works only in the editor,
and only Ctrl-F2, Ctrl-F3, Ctrl-F5 to Ctrl-F9 works.  The rest are 
captured by Windows itself.