(Appendix 22)

This file is used for importing messages directly to the BBS.  FBB checks 
every minute for the existence of this file (filename and path may be
changed in INIT.SRV, but the default is \FBB\MAIL.IN).  If the file exists,
the messages in the file will be imported directly into the BBS.

The format of each message is identical to the format of any message 
normally sent to the BBS.  Example of short MAIL.IN with 2 messages:

SP F6FBB < LA6CU                        (S-line)
Testmessage                             (Title)  
This is only a test                     (Message)
/EX                                     (/EX) 
SB ALL @ EU < LA6CU $12345ABCD
Test Message
This is just another test
Some servers include a #-sign between each message to force the
from-bbs to become the callsign of this BBS.  This is still alowed, but
should maybe not be necessary.

After the file has been processed (the messages imported) the file is 
automatically deleted.