Most of the executed commands are recorded in the file FBBLOG.nn - n is the
number of the week. This yields a weekly archive which is not of a too big

 This file will be updated if the line "Complete Log" of the file INIT.SRV is

 It is an ASCII file which is automatically created, and does not request any
special care. This single file keeps the activity record for all ports

 All the lines begin with a string of figures, corresponding to the month,
day, hour, minute and second of the trace, followed by the channel number,
then the executed command.

 A stats analysis software, LOGSTAT.EXE allows the processing of the log file
(see 13.xxx).

 FBBLOG file sample :

 043004460500SI *** BBS Initialize
 043004483200SA *** BBS Online
 043004483305CB FC1NOU-0 VIA F6FNL-5
 043004484705CB FC1NOU-0 VIA F6FNL-5
 043004500905MR 64072
 043005003201CA F1EBV-14
 043005012816CC F1EBV-1 VIA FE6BEX-8 {FC1BPS-7,F1EBV-7,FF6KQK-2}
 043005020701MW 64081P F:FC1GQL T:FE1JNY@F6DEG [281] S:F6CQP
 043005022816MN B:19226_FF6KNL V:F1EBV
 043005424401M> 62893 V:F1EBV [2881]
 043005463616MN B:4759_EA6RCM V:F1EBV
 043005463616MF 62896 V:F1EBV [393]
 043005470813CC FC1HAQ-1 VIA F6FBB-7,019101
 043005481701M> 62897 V:F1EBV [872]
 043005485816MF 62897 V:F1EBV [872]
 043005510701M> 62898 V:F1EBV [815]
 043005514516MF 62898 V:F1EBV [815]
 043005522901M> 62901 V:F1EBV [398]
 043005530516MN B:26051_FC1HAQ V:F1EBV
 043005530616MF 62901 V:F1EBV [398]
 043005533313MW 64084B F:DF9WM T:ALL@EU [1161] S:Address Needed
 043005572701M> 62931 V:F1EBV [2728]
 043005584516MF 62931 V:F1EBV [2728]
 043006003012CB F6CDD-1
 043006303216CC FC1HAQ-1 VIA F6FBB-8,019101
 043006323016MF 64081 V:FC1HAQ [281]
 043006340716MF 64082 V:FC1HAQ [830]
 043006354116M< 64086B F:DK3GI T:DXNEWS@EU [953] S:BY4AA in RTTY
 043006443216M< 64089B F:OZ2FAR T:ALL@WW [1895] S:re qrt
 043006452112CB F6CDD-1
 043006465112MF 64086 V:F6CDD [953]
 043006465212MF 64087 V:F6CDD [2632]
 043006465312MF 64088 V:F6CDD [1626]
 043006465312MF 64089 V:F6CDD [1895]
 043006474016M< 64090B F:VS6XQF T:ALL@WW [1748] S:CRY FOR TR-9500
 043006490316M< 64091B F:DJ0AW T:ALL@WW [972] S:mfj-1278
 043006534816M< 64092B F:DB2OS T:KEPLER@WW [3684] S:Elements 118.
 043007002612CB F6CDD-1
 043007005516M< 64095B F:VK5CGB T:ALL@WW [1166] S:RNARS PACKET
 043007022116M< 64096B F:DF7MX T:COMMOD@EU [913] S:SUPPORT
 043007034316M< 64097B F:I1ZEU T:ALL@EU [1096] S:ID1V
 043007065416SQ *** BBS Quit

All Xx lines in log are deconnections (eXit)
XI Invalid callsign
XE Excluded callsign
XB is normal disconnection by the BBS (after a B command for instance)
XT Time-out disconnection
XF Forced disconnection (after a XI or XE)
XM Too many errors
XP Password error (modem)