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 This file is in the SYSTEM directory. This file makes the text that will be
broadcast as mail-beacon from the BBS. The first line is a parametre that 
says how often to send the beacon. %15 means "send one beacon every 15 
minutes". The next line says to what unproto-address the beacon will be sent.
! MAIL v LA7QR means send beacon to MAIL via LA7QR digipeater.
There may be several !-lines for different paths for each port.

The next lines are the actual beacon-text. Here we can use variables like $d
$T etc. We cannot use variables that are specific to one channel alone. You
do not need to change anything else then the !-line in this file. But you
will need one file named BEACON1.SYS for TNC1, one called BEACON2.SYS for
TNC2 etc.

 $d $T <<< Mailbox $O $c >>> $N active messages.
 Messages for$W$Q

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