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Satellite orbits server.

Satellite orbital parameters computation, and satellite characteristics.

P : Display of orbital parameters. Selected satellite orbital parameters 
    display. These parameters will be used for the computation.
C : Amateur Satellites characteristics.
F : Switches back to Server main menu.
T : Satellite orbital computation.
M : Manual editing of orbital elements.

 To select a satellite, type the number (a list of the satellites can be
obtained with the command L instead of the number). Once the satellite has
been selected, you will have to supply the date and the time to be taken into
account for the computation. If you only answer with a return character, the
current date (or time) will be taken. The geographical position is the QTH
Locator of the connected user, if it is known in the file. Otherwise, the QTH
Locator of the server will be used as a default. Depending on the satellites,
the computation step can be variable, and one line of parameters will be
displayed per step. This line corresponds to a minimal elevation of -5 degree
s, that means the satellite 5 degrees below the horizon.

F : Switches back to the Server main menu.
B : Quit and Disconnect.

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