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 You will find under these comments the information or documentations given
by various hams.

 The documentation is organized like the image of a tree structure whose root
is defined in INIT.SRV (C:\DOCS). The directories represent the topics and
the files represent the documentation.

 The selection of the topics or the documentation is made through numeral
command. The menu is presented with the form of one or several numbers
followed with their description (topics or documentations).

 In the case of topics, the description corresponds to the name of the MsDos
directory. This name is eleven characters long, the dot between the name and
the extension will not appear. It is possible also to simulate the space
character with an underscore character.

 In the case of documentation files, a label of 30 characters is associated
to the name of the MsDos file. The label only will be presented to the user.
To optimize the fill up of the screen, each line will contain two labels.

 In the case of a user, given the right of SYSOP, the display will be
different. One line will contain only the name of the MsDos file followed by
its label.

L: L gives the list of the documentation on the current chapter.

D: Labelling of the files is made by the command D, reserved to SYSOP, or
   automated through the NEWDOC server (See paragraph SERVERS, NEWDOC).
   Example : D BBS.DOC Documentation of the BBS.

F : Switches back to the Server main menu.
B : Quit and Disconnect.

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